Choose the Right Way to Submit Your File

To ensure the accuracy of the model, please submit clean voice data if possible, with an ideal length of 10 minutes.

Upload Your Video or Audio Files

Min file duration: 10 minutes. Max file size: 150MB

Add Link

Paste the YouTube video link or the Google Drive link for voice cloning.

How to Use Custom Model

Explore the powerful capabilities of our custom model by following the steps below.
Step 1: Train custom modelUpload your audio or video files, and then start training your custom model.
Step 2: Input Text/Voice/SongAfter the model training is complete, you will see three options: Change Voice, Text to Speech, and Make AI Cover. Now you can use your custom voice model for speaking, voice changing, and singing.
Step 3: Output VoiceFinally, click Select a voice and choose the custom model. Click Convert.

FAQ About Custom Model